How to sell items in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Put that toothpaste to good use.

Image via Activision

While journey through Al Mazrah in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ map, players will run into a collection of strange items that will not seem to serve much of a purpose. From toothpaste to batteries, you will loot for everyday household supplies that go directly into your backpack. Although you cannot add these to your loadout, they can be sold at a specific type of location. Here’s where to sell the goods you pick up in DMZ.

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Where to sell items in your backpack in DMZ

Aside from weapons and loadout equipment, all other gear picked up from the map can only be sold at Buy Stations. Unlike Warzone 2.0, you can interact with the station to be prompted with a sell menu that lists the given prices of each item in your backpack. You can get the most out of this feature by finding and selling tech and gold. For instance, Gold Bars can reward you $8,000, while various computer parts can be worth more than $500 apiece. However, you can expect common goods, such as bandages and tools, to only sell for around $10 to $100.

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Once you have made a sale, the cash value will instantly be given to you and can be used toward buying each of the Buy Stations weapons and items. That means it should be no problem obtaining extremely rare goods like the Stronghold Keycard. Additionally, you will have to be conscious as to what you pick up, as your backpack does have a limit on how many items it can hold. If this becomes too much of a pain, it is possible to expand the backpack and lend it additional slots.

Aside from household items, players can even make a quick buck by completing any of Al Mazrah’s contracts and world activities. This includes moving precious cargo from the Shipment contracts and even looting one of the map’s hidden caches for thousands of dollars.