How to shoulder swap in Hitman 3

Get the best view of your target, 47.


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Shoulder swap is a mechanic that was added to Hitman 3 with the Season of Envy update. It’s a feature that fans have been requesting since the game launched in early 2021. This guide covers how you can turn shoulder swap on and how it works in the game.

How to shoulder swap in Hitman 3

Shoulder swap is turned off by default. Even if you’ve downloaded the latest update for Hitman 3, the feature won’t be available until you go into the settings and turn it on. You can find it by opening the main menu in a mission, selecting the Options tab, then the Gameplay tab. In this menu, you should be able to see the toggle for shoulder swap. You can turn it on by hovering over it and clicking.

Once shoulder swap is on, you’ll be able to shift the camera’s perspective in-game from the right shoulder to the left and back again. You can change the camera angle to be wherever it is most advantageous to you. For example, it might be impossible to see a target around a corner unless you swap the camera to the opposite shoulder. While this might be considered cheating by the more hardcore fan base, Hitman 3 is a game where you need to use every advantage you have at your disposal.