How to sign up for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube in BitLife

Social media has arrived to BitLife.

Image via Candywriter

Social media has exploded and made its way over to BitLife. You will be able to navigate the internet in the mobile game and share your character’s story as they survive in BitLife. While social media is not a new experience, the amount of social media allows for players to develop a personality for their particular BitLife character and figure out what would be the most fun for them. The various social media locations each have a unique spin to them, much like their real-life counterparts.

You can sign up and start using any of the five social media platforms once you reach 14 years old and start attending High School. When you reach this age, go over to the activities tab on the main BitLife screen and scroll down to the social media choice, right under the shopping choice. You can sign up for all five of them at the same time.

Once you do, you should already have various followers on each of them, except for YouTube.You can add more followers to any of your social media pages by clicking on the individual platform and writing a post, creating a tweet, interacting with a celebrity, or attempting to troll another character. Many of these activities will have you steadily growing followers.

At any time, you can choose to delete one of these social media accounts by going to them in your activities tab. It will be available in the list of options you would like to do on that social media platform. The more you interact on these pages and create more unique posts, the more followers you obtain as you progress through BitLife.