How to sign up for Moonbreaker early access

Get a hold of Moonbreaker’s turn-based tactics a few weeks early.

Image via Worlds Unknown Entertainment

Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategy game created by Unknown Worlds, the makers of Natural Selection and Subnautica. Announced at Gamescom, the brand-new IP is still early in development, with its soonest possible early access period starting on September 29. However, you can apply to participate in this alpha-stage play-testing of Moonbreaker ahead of time.

Applying for Moonbreaker’s early access

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Despite its early status, Moonbreaker already has a store page on Steam. While not up for sale or pre-order yet, this page features an opt-in program for joining Unknown Worlds’ early access play-testing waitlist.

From this page, you can click “Request Access” to apply to their list of willing participants. Doing so will prompt you with a confirmation that Unknown Worlds will add your Steam account’s connected contact email to its mailing list, and that they’ll reach out to you with download instructions when the time is right. Clicking again on “Request Access” will continue this process.

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As Moonbreaker is entering early access, keep in mind that gaining access to the game at this stage of the development cycle will still require a purchase. If the financial investment is not something that you’re interested in doing right now, you can rest assured that simply requesting access to the product and joining its waitlist is free to try.

From here, the only thing you can do to get your hands on an early copy is to wait patiently for the game to release. While September 29 is a tentative release date set around a month ahead of time, you should expect to receive email-based updates on the game’s status in the meantime, especially later in September as the first day of early access approaches.