How To Solve The Hastily Scrawled Note Riddle In Diablo 4

Not sure how to pay your respects to complete the Traveler’s Superstition quest? Here is how to solve this riddle in Diablo 4.


Image via Blizzard

Diablo 4 has a lot of quests and content to find and complete while out exploring the world. Some of these quests can prove to be a bit tricky to finish, especially ones that involve a riddle.

One such quest is Traveler’s Superstition which involves finding a Hastily Scrawled Note and trying to figure out what it means, and trust me, it can be a bit confusing at times. So, to help you complete this quest, we’ve got the details on how to finish the Traveler’s Superstition and solve the Hastily Scrawled Note riddle in Diablo 4

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Where to Start the Traveler’s Superstition Quest

Screenshot by Gamepur

To begin the Traveler’s Superstition quest, you’ll need to head to Rotspill Delta, which is located in the Hawezar region of the Sanctuary. If you are playing through the main story, you will reach this area in Act 5, and if you are on a seasonal character, it will be available from the start of the new character. The exact location is a little north of the shipwrecks you will explore during the main story, and is shown in the image we have included above.

There will likely be enemies to deal with here, so just smash your way through until you come to a statue with half a broken ship surrounding it.

Where to Find and Solve the Hastily Scrawled Note Riddle

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you are by the statue and wreck, you should find a rock to the right of the statue with a note underneath; this is what you are looking for. Head over and interact with this and you will be presented with what the note says, which is as follows, “Pay your respects to her, and she will see you safely on your way. Ignore her, and suffer the fate of these poor fools.”

From there, you might be unsure of what your next steps are, which is understandable because this is another quest, similar to Secret of the Spring, that requires you to use an emote, which isn’t very obvious.

To solve the riddle and finish the quest, simply stand in front of the statute and use the Hello emote. This will complete the quest and net you some rewards, including Renown, Elixirs, EXP, and some Gold. Now you can get back to demon-slaying!