How to Solve the Winter Spring Summer Autumn Puzzle in God of War

 How to Solve the Winter Spring Summer Autumn Puzzle in God of War

During the main quest line in God of War, Kratos and Atreus will visit Thamur’s Corpse and encounter a particularly interesting puzzle involving the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn (fall for us North Americans). Getting the sequence just right can be a little bit difficult, so we’ve got the solution for you below, complete with a video on how to pull it off. Of course, if you’d rather figure it out on your own, you’re welcome to do so. The video is short so as to not spoil anything surrounding this puzzle.

Seasons Rune Puzzle Solution

The solution to this puzzle is actually quite simple. Kratos must use his axe to turn the four large rune symbols into the correct order and sequence in order for the runes to appear that Atreus will then have to write into the sand bowl. Atreus actually does a good job of reminding Kratos of what that order should be. The challenge is that there is only one way to order the sequence properly, as each rune only has three potential states and the order matters. In fact, the order is backwards, from right to left: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Each season is represented by the related symbol on the rune. Winter takes the shape of a snowflake, Spring is a flower, Summer is represented by the sun, and Autumn or Fall is the leaf. Each rune has one or two paddles below it that can be used to turn the rune and display a different one. Here is the sequence to hit the paddles and rotate the runes in:

  1. Starting with the rightmost rune, hit the left paddle once to show the snowflake rune.
  2. On the second from the right rune, hit the right paddle once to show the flower rune.
  3. On the second from the left rune, hit the right paddle twice to show the sun rune.
  4. On the leftmost rune, hit the right paddle twice to show the leaf rune.

If you’ve done it correctly, the paddles will retract and the runes that Atreus requires will begin appearing in the center of the wall. From there on, you’ll be able to continue with your quest.

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