How to start a riot and escape in BitLife

Let’s start a riot.

Image via Candywriter

When you’re in prison in BitLife, the best option is typically to wait out your sentence and make sure you have the best behavior possible. Guards don’t want you causing any problems, and the more problems you make, the worse your stay. However, if things become too much for you, you can always try to escape. One of your options to escape is to start a riot with the other prisoners.

To start the Prison Riot minigame, you’ll need to go to the Prison tab while you’re in prison and scroll down to Prison Riot. You should find it right at the bottom. You will not be able to exit from this after you confirm attempting to start a riot, so make sure you want to do this before committing to it.

The riot minigame is essentially a game of snake. Your goal is to move around the box, with your character’s face icon as the head of the snake, and collect 10 prisoners. Eventually, as the snake gets big enough, guards will start to appear, and you’ll need to avoid them, treating them like walls. If you hit a wall or a guard with any of your character icons, the riot will be over before it begins.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have all 10 prisoners, multiple guards will appear, and everyone will battle it out. If the prisoners win, you and those involved have a chance to escape. However, there’s also the chance you and the prisoners will fail the riot, even if you did everything successfully. Unfortunately, the chance to escape is infrequent, so you’ll be rolling the dice on this opportunity.

After the battle is finished, your character will be hurt, die, have their sentence extended, or they’ll escape, unlocking an achievement on your account.