How to complete A Rising Tide quest in Destiny 2

Toss a coin to your Captain.

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The Rising Tide is a community-focused event quest in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. This community event contains a set of individual and community-focused rewards for players who actively participate while the event is live. This event focuses on the seasonal storyline and the Fallen — here’s how to start A Rising Tide quest in Destiny 2.

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Where to start A Rising Tide community quest in Destiny 2

A Rising Tide quest is a limited-time event quest that runs from November 22 and will run until season 18 ends on December 6. To begin the quest, log in to the game during this time frame and select your character of choice. Upon reaching the Director’s Destination tab, you will have a new quest on the left side panel of the screen. To begin this community event and participate, you must travel to the Tower.

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Once you land at the Tower, directly in front of you will be a chest quest symbol above it and a golden beam of light. Run up to this chest to access some dialogue from Mithrax and accept the Rising Tide quest. Once you start this quest, it will be added to your Quest tab on the Director. This quest contains nine steps.

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How to start A Rising Tide quest in Destiny 2

To begin contributing to the community goal, you must earn and deposit Captain’s Coins. The first step of your quest will need you to obtain a single Captain’s Coin. You can earn this event currency by completing playlist activities, the King’s Fall raid, public events, Lost Sectors, and Destination chests. We recommend heading to the EDZ and finding a chest to open in the patrol zone. Doing this will grant you three coins.

Head back to the Tower once you have picked up some coins and deposit them into the box to begin the community contributions for the Eliksni Quarter.

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Once you finish the opening quest step, the following eight quest steps require a community effort. Each step contains a set number of coins the Destiny 2 player base has to contribute for that quest step to be completed. Head back to the chest in the Tower to collect rewards based on your contributions. When a community goal is reached, your current quest step will require you to head to the Eliksni Quarters node in H.E.L.M. to begin the next community-focused step.