How to start The Contract DLC in GTA Online

Help Dr. Dre get his phone back.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Contract is just one of the many DLCs in GTA Online. This DLC introduces you to a whole new story involving Franklin and Dr. Dre. It turns out that Dr. Dre had his phone stolen during the Cayo Perico DLC and is now looking for you to help him get it back. Before you get to that, a few things need to be done first. Here is how you start The Contract DLC in GTA Online.

Purchase an agency

Before starting the DLC, you will need to purchase an agency. This deal can be done by going to the Dynasty8 Executive site on your in-game phone. Once there, select one of the four agencies and customize it to your heart’s content. These agencies start at just over $2,000,000 but can easily reach a price of over $5,000,000 if you want all the bells and whistles with it. 

Complete a mission

After you purchase an agency, head on over to it and go inside, you will be greeted by the receptionist and taken up to Franklin’s office. After talking with him, he will mention that he has a VIP client that he has been trying to get in contact with. While you wait, you have the option to complete missions using the computer in your office. Complete one of the missions, and Franklin will reach out to you afterward and tell you to go to the golf course. Head there, and that will begin the DLC.