How to summon ghosts in BitLife

Calling all ghosts.

Image via Candywriter

You usually want to avoid the ghosts in your haunted house in BitLife, but if you’re looking to complete some of the challenges in the game, you’ll need to do it. One of the tasks you might be asked to do is summoning ghosts. It’s a risky choice, but if you’re careful about it, you should be alright. But it’s essential to know the consequences of doing that. In this guide, we will cover how to summon a ghost in BitLife, and what it does.

Summoning a ghost is similar to exorcising them. First, you need to click on your ‘assets’ tab and click on the haunted house you own. From there, scroll down to the ghosts tab, and you should be able to examine and interact with the ghosts in your home.

You should only have two options when interacting with a ghost: exorcising them or summoning them. If you want to summon them, you’re essentially calling them to your character, forcing them to show themselves. Sometimes the summons are harmful, and other times they’re positive. It depends on the ghost’s friendliness and how active they are. If they’re friendly, you should have a decent interaction.

When you summon the ghost, you’ll have a list of options to pick how you want to interact with them. Depending on their friendliness, and the action you pick with them, they might attack you. Regardless, summoning them does have a chance to increase their activity levels, which means you might see more of them in future random events when aging up.