How to switch your Nexomon mid-battle in Nexomon Extinction, and why you should

Type for type.

Nexomon: Extinction

Image via PQube

Nexomon: Extinction might be a creature collection game inspired by the Pokemon series, but when it comes to the battles, it is a very different game indeed. While the Pokemon games can be a little on the easy side, especially in the opening hours, Nexomon: Extinction doesn’t pull any punches. 

The game is built around the idea of types, but it is far more aggressive when it comes to the AI trying to take advantage of that fact. You will regularly need to switch your Nexomon during battles or you will find yourself taking a lot of losses in your battles.

You can have up to six Nexomon in your party at any one time, and during a battle you can switch them out by hitting the Y button, scrolling to the Nexomon you want, and then selecting it. This will put that Nexomon in the fight, but you should keep in mind that you will pretty much forfeit that turn, allowing the enemy Nexomon to attack you.

The AI will regularly try to switch away from a strong Type match that suits you, finding the best type match in their own party to play against your current Nexomon. This means if they change their Nexomon, you want to check what type they have put in, and switch your Nexomon out if you need to for a better type. If you don’t, your Nexomon may end doing far less damage, and taking far more damage, than it should. 

You should also ensure you have a strong party built up from various different types of Nexomon. This will allow you to react to whatever the game throws at you. Keep in mind, however, that the game has dynamic-scaling difficulty, so you cannot simply out-level the threats you are facing.