How to sword skate with the Half-Truths weapon in Destiny 2

Flying around the battlefield like a cat with the zoomies.

Destiny 2 half truths sword

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’ve been a fan of Destiny 2 for a while, you’ll know that there is no shortage of exploits and tricks that skilled players use to get an advantage over others. One that comes and goes, depending on the updates that Bungie makes to the mechanics of the game, is sword skating.

This mechanic is using the lunge ability that many swords have in the game to propel your character across the battlefield. The ability moves you a limited distance, but there are some moves and rolls that you can combine to make it more useful.

By combining the Half-Truths sword from the Bungie 30th Anniversary celebration event — a clear homage to the Energy Sword from Halo — with the Eager Edge trait, players can once again zoom across the battlefield with reckless abandon. Here is how:

The Eager Edge trait gives players a brief window when lunge distance is greatly increased in the moments after they switch to the weapon. That means that players just need to switch to their Half-Truths sword with the Eager Edge trait, then jump and make a light attack to lunge forward. They will then be launched forward a considerable distance. During the animation, quickly switch back to a different weapon. You will keep all your momentum from the lunge while gliding across the arena. It can be tough to get the timing down on this and it might be tough to control yourself while you’re moving but it will make you move around the battlefield much faster.

We’re not sure if this is an intended feature of the weapon or an exploit that will be patched out soon, so be sure to get your sword skating fix while you can.