How to tame a boar in Fortnite

Man’s best friend?

Animals have been added to the map in Fortnite. While you can kill them and get important resources for crafting, you can also befriend them and tame them. They will accompany you during your match, and fight to defend you.

Taming them is simple, if not easy. You need to sneak up behind them and interact with them for a long time to tame them. The boar is highly likely to move, turn around, or just wander off while you are trying to do this, but there is a better way.

You can start by farming boars until you get some bones and meat. This will allow you to make a Hunter’s Cloak. Boars, chickens, and wolves can all drop the resources you need and can be found in forested areas. They are normally not hanging out near the named locations or built-up areas, so stick to the wooded areas to find them.

When you kill them, they will drop resources like meat and bones that you can pick up. When you have some meat, and two bones, open your inventory and then select the craft tab. Click on the piece of meat and a recipe for the Hunter’s Cloak will appear. Select it, then choose the Craft option to make it and wrap up the challenge.

The Hunter’s Cloak will then appear in your Toolbar, and you can put it on by holding the relevant button to use the item. After that, you will be to hang out close to the boars without spooking them, and can easily tame them.