How to Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

Say thanks!


Every Fortnite game starts the same way. You fly over the island on the Battle Bus before jumping out and engaging other players in deadly combat. There is an unsung hero in all of this, in the form of the Bus Driver. If you want to be polite and thank the bus driver, then this guide will show you how.

Thank the Bus Driver

It’s become a bit of a habit for players to be polite and thank the bus driver before embarking, as one would do when getting off an actual bus. Of course, in real life, you’re not likely to be gliding down onto a map and begin building and shooting at each other, but that’s a minor detail.

Players can thank the bus driver with a simple single press of the button.

With Mouse and Keyboard:

  • Just press the B key before you jump out to thank the bus driver

With a Controller:

  • Press the Down button on the D-pad before you jump out to thank the bus driver

On Mobile

  • Press the Emote button in the top right corner of the screen before you jump out to thank the bus driver

No doubt you’ll be seeing everyone do this now and I’m sure that the virtual bus drivers will be very thankful for the kind treatment. Perhaps that means your landing spot will be safer than usual or the loot around you will be more plentiful? Unlikely, but it’s never a bad idea to be polite, so next time you jump from the bus in Fortnite, be sure to thank the bus driver.

There is also an additional benefit to thanking the bus driver during Chapter 2 Season 3 because there is a Punch Card for doing it. The Good Manners Punch Card has three different ranks. You will need to thank the Bus Driver 3 time, then 5 times, then 50 times, and finally 100 times to finish the Punch Card.