How to throw a party in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Holding a party in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is simple, but you have to be creative.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Even if you’re stuck inside having to work or not socialize with others, it doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to find a way to spend time with your friends. A great way to do that is by throwing a party in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You don’t have to do any of it in person, either. You can do it from the comfort of your island, or visit a friend’s location who has been working on their dream location.

Set up

You want to have an array of festive trinkets and amusements on your island. You can choose to designate one area of your residence to host it, such as having it a park-like area, a home your friends can explore, or throwing it all over the island. The choice is yours, but having a designated theme is important before you do anything else. Choose that theme, focus on it, and embody it everywhere, all over the location.


After you have everything prepared, you can send out the invitations to everyone you’d like to have over. You can do this by visiting the Dodo Airlines station, and to the right of Orville, you’ll find a postcard area. If you can, try to make the postcard reflect the theme of what type of island party you’re planning to have, making sure you share the theme with your guests and designate a particular time it’s going to start and end detailed on the card. Repeat the process for all of your guests, and wait for the day to arrive. You’re better off sending those off a few days before the party starts. Also, make sure to think about if any of your friends are in different timezones, too.

Before the party starts, you want to open up your island a little bit earlier for any party guests who want to arrive on time or a little before. You can choose to start a voice chat with your friends using an external application or keep everything in-game, using chat, and showing off your reactions.

What do you do?

Once the party starts, there’s an array of things you can do. You can choose to have a tour of your island, your museum, attempt to catch any fish, set a time to see who can find the most bugs or fish, have a gift exchange where you set a Bell limit, have a costume party, have a gardening party to show off the most exotic and beautifully colored flowers, or even a scavenger hunt where your guests need to acquire a checklist of items. You can become as creative as you want during this time, and see what you and your friends can do while playing Animal Crossing.

The multiplayer limit for New Horizons is eight people, so limit your guests to this amount. You might want to send a reply date to ensure everyone who can make it, makes it. The possibilities are endless when you’re hosting a party in the game, so don’t feel limited by what’s around you, but attempt to work with the mechanics of New Horizons to encourage your adventures with your friends.

Keep your mind open and your guests entertained. You may even inspire a friend to create one of their own to where you’re a guest, instead of hosting one in New Horizons.