How to turn corners properly in RiMS Racing

Never fall off your bike again.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Corners will be your arch-nemesis in RiMS Racing, other than the false start penalty. No matter how perfectly you think you’ve approached one, there’s always a chance that your motorcycle could suddenly shift from underneath its driver and send them both flying in to the air for seemingly no reason. This article provides some tips on how to turn corners properly in the game.

Take the arrows with a pinch of salt

Screenshot by Gamepur

In any given race, the arrows on the track give you an idea of the path you should take as you drive and the speed you should be going. However, the arrows can be a little too cautious at times. You’ll notice that the AI drivers seem to take corners much faster than you. That’s because you only really need to slow down as you approach a corner once you hit the red arrows. If you slow down any earlier, you’re just giving the AI an unfair advantage.

Brake and accelerate around a bend

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As you approach a corner, you should definitely slow down until the arrows on the track are green. Then, however, you should maintain the highest speed possible around that bend by braking and accelerating one after the other. Short, sharp bursts of braking then speeding up will help you round a corner more efficiently and get onto the straight that’s after it so you can put some distance between you and the competition.

Avoid other drivers

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The biggest danger to you as you round a corner in this game will always be other drivers. Whether they’re real players or AI riders, they’re lethal. All it takes is a glancing blow, and you could see your rider and their bike fly off into the distance or cause a pileup on the track. So keep your distance from anything else driving on the track, even if that means sacrificing a place or speed.