How to unlock Ameliance Leveilleur custom deliveries in Final Fantasy XIV

Earn the right to dress up your friends’ mother.

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Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of fun side content for crafters and gatherers to do outside of the main story. Custom NPCs have become a staple in the game and new ones are periodically added every expansion. These NPCs request certain goods through your crafting and gathering log, allowing you to create and turn in items on your discipline of hand and land jobs for experience, Gil, and crafting currencies. Turn-ins also grant satisfaction that eventually allows you to choose the NPC’s glamour. Patch 6.15 adds Alphinaud and Alisaie’s mother Ameliance Leveilleur to the growing list of custom delivery NPCs.

The custom delivery NPC Ameliance Leveilleur quest

The quest to unlock Ameliance Leveilleur as a custom delivery NPC begins in Old Sharlayan from the Well-Dressed Attendant at X:12.6 Y:9.7. Players will not be able to pick up this quest until they have completed the initial Endwalker main campaign.

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The quest Go West, Craftsman obtained by Lydirlona in Mor Dhona at X:22.3 Y:6.8 must also be completed. Fortunately, this is likely already done because s it is how you unlock collectibles in the first place.

Once accepted, the attendant will ask you to meet Ameliance at The Last Stand cafe at X:9.5 Y:14.0. The business tycoon Rowena shows up as well, and Ameliance will discuss a deal to provide school supplies to the students being welcomed into the town.

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This comedic meeting ends with you heading to the Leveilleur Estate at X:15.6 Y:7.3 and finishing the chain.

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How to gain satisfaction rank with Ameliance Leveilleur

In order to earn satisfaction with Ameliance, you will need to check what items she is requesting by either speaking directly to her or through the custom deliveries section of your timer log. Materials needed to craft the items can be obtained from Synnove the apothecary in Agora at X:12.7 Y:10.3. Furthermore, your gathering log will tell you the location of the gathered items she requests.

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The collectability of the item only increases the rewards. The satisfaction received will always be the same. You can turn in six items per week to Ameliance, and a total of 12 between all custom delivery NPCs. This limit resets every Tuesday at Japanese midnight.

Players looking for more rewards through content will find quite a bit through the Arkasodara tribal quests, including the adorable wind-up Arkasodara minion.