How to unlock Duck N’ Roll in Hot Wheels Unleashed

The duckiest Secret car in the game.


Screenshot by Gamepur

When it comes to cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed, the Secret cars are by far the best-looking. You can only unlock these cars by completing a large chunk of the game’s campaign, such as unlocking every Secret. This guide will cover how to unlock Duck N’ Roll, a rubber duck on wheels.

How to unlock Duck N’ Roll

Screenshot by Gamepur

Duck N’ Roll is a Secret car in Hot Wheels Unleashed. To unlock it, you need to complete every race in the game. However, it’s not as simple as finishing the races in the top three. You need to complete every Unleashed Goal on those races, meaning you need to come first in 52 individual races across the entire campaign.

The car will unlock as soon as you’ve completed the Unleashed Goal on the final race. After that, it will pop up automatically and then be sent to your collection. It’s a shame that you can’t upgrade the car, but it already has the best speed and acceleration stats possible, so you could easily use it in a time trial and know that you’re going as fast as possible. The only thing letting this car down is its handling rating, which is right at the bottom of the meter, meaning it has the turning circle of a large whale.