How to unlock Hard Mode in Metroid Dread

Wanna up the challenge of Dread’s difficulty?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Metroid Dread is also a challenging game. In our review, we said that “even established Metroidvania fans might be shocked at just how hard Dread can feel in some places,” though we didn’t feel that this difficulty was needlessly punishing. But not everyone will find Dread to be difficult, especially if they’re familiar fans of the Metroidvania genre of games, and some might want a greater challenge for their next run after completing their journey.

You can increase the difficulty level in Dread quickly thanks to its Hard Mode if you’d like; however, the option to do so isn’t available at the start. Anyone looking to take on Metroid Dread in its most punishing difficulty for their first one is out of luck.

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Unlocking the Hard Mode in Metroid Dread isn’t too much of a challenge itself, though it will require a fair amount of patience. To access this new difficulty, you’ll need to complete the game once on Normal Mode.

The Hard mode will be made available to you after the credits have rolled. The first playthrough at Normal Mode will give you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the game’s map and master the combat, which you should take full advantage of — you’ll need all the help you can get in Hard Mode.