How to unlock K-9000 in Far Cry 6

The process isn’t too ruff.

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One of the coolest gameplay features of Far Cry 6 is the Amigo system. Amigos are animal companions that fight alongside of you, each with their own unique skills and abilities. You can even customize their costume to give them a dash of personality. Out of all the amigos available in Far Cry 6, K-9000 is one of the coolest — it’s a robotic dog made of iron with a pun for a name. What’s not to love? Unlocking K-9000 is a simple process, but there’s a big caveat to doing so.

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K-9000 is only available to owners of the season pass for Far Cry 6. The robo-dog is part of the Blood Dragon Set, so it can’t be acquired through means of gameplay. If you do own the season pass, getting K-9000 ready for battle only requires a little patience.

DLC items from the season pass unlocks once you’ve completed the mission “The Guerilla.” This is a story mission that follows the critical path, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally missing it; if you play through the story, you’ll get to it relatively quickly. Once “The Guerilla” is completed, you’ll be notified that your extra content has been unlocked.

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Tab over to “Amigos” in the main menu and K-9000 will be waiting for you. Its unlockable abilities include tagging turrets, cameras, and tripwires, dealing increased damage to tagged targets, and self-destruction after reaching a damage threshold.