How to unlock Loporrit tribe quests in Final Fantasy XIV

Party with the Loporrits.

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Everyone’s favorite little bunnies have finally entered the stage with Patch 6.35 in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can, at long last, undertake quests to help the Loporrits of Mare Lamentorum figure out just what to do with the moon now that it is no longer needed for interstellar evacuation. However, there are a few prerequisites before you can party down on the moon. Let’s break down what you must do to unlock the Loporrit tribe dailies in Final Fantasy XIV.

All quests required to unlock the Loporrit tribe quests in FFXIV

Players looking to light up the dance floor with the Loporrits must first make sure that they have a Discipline of the Hand at level 80 or above. You also need to have completed the main scenario quest Endwalker, which is the final quest in the launch content for the expansion.

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Furthermore, the quest Dream a Little Dream must also be finished. This is the final step in a series of side quests that starts with the quest Name That Way from Knockingway at (X:22.0, Y:10.8) in Mare Lamentorum. Most players will have already started this chain, as this first quest is required to unlock flying in the zone. Should you not know where you are in the quest chain after Name That Way to reach Dream a Little Dream, the quests A Way to Make a Living and One Way or Another are also part of the chain between the two quests.

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Once you have fulfilled these objectives, your goal now is to find Dreamingway in Old Sharlayan at (X:11.7, Y:10.9). They will offer you the quest Must Be Dreaming(way), which is the first quest in a small chain that leads you to Mare Lamentorum and unlocks the Loporrit tribe quests. Completing dailies in this hub will increase your rank with the Loporrits to level your crafting jobs and earn rewards, including furnishings, an emote, and a mount.