How to unlock the Mace in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

A destructive blunt weapon.

The Mace is a melee weapon for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone players that came after the Season Four Reloaded update of the game. The Reloaded stage of any Call of Duty season appears right in the middle, giving players various fresh content to latch onto during the second half of a season. The Mace was available starting August 3, but you will need to work towards unlocking it.

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There are two ways you can unlock this item now that it has arrived. The first, more direct method to unlock the mace is to purchase the blueprint for the item in the CoD store. It gives you access to the blueprint for the mace and gives you access to an exclusive skin for that weapon. You can also gain access to the standard weapon, and use it on any of your operators to place it in any of your loadouts. You will have to spend real-world money in the CoD store unless you already have enough CoD points to purchase the mace bundle called the Mystic’s Scepter Store Bundle.

The alternative is to complete a challenge in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer modes or in Call of Duty: Warzone matches for the base weapon.

Multiplayer and Warzone Unlock Challenge

The Black Ops Cold War and Warzone multiplayer challenge for unlocking the Mace reads: “Using a Melee weapon, get a kill while sliding in 15 different completed matches.” Remember that the challenge needs you to perform a melee kill in “different matches,” meaning achieving more than one kill with your melee weapon in a single match will still only count as one notch towards the challenge.

Zombies Unlock Challenge

You can also unlock the Mace through a Zombies-specific weapon challenge — the challenge reads: “Using a Melee weapon, kill 50 Special or Elite enemies that are taunted by your Frenzied Guard.” Frenzied Guard is a Field Upgrade you can equip on a loadout. Special and Elite enemies include Mimics, Tempests, Manglers, Megatons, and Krasney Soldats.