How to unlock new skateboards in Skatebird

Don’t get stuck with the same dusty old board.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Part of the joy of playing skateboarding games is customizing your character with new clothing, accessories, and, of course, new decks. Skatebird starts you off with a small range of skateboards to choose from, but there are more that you can unlock as you play the game and explore each skatepark. This guide covers how to unlock new skateboards so you can grind in style.

How to unlock new skateboards

Screenshot by Gamepur

Skateboards are all over Skatebird, but they’re not easy to get. To unlock new ones, you need to pick up the golden skateboards dotted around each area. These are usually hard to reach places requiring you to pull off a last-minute Olli or master a particularly challenging grind. For example, one skateboard in the first skatepark is placed precariously between two pizza boxes. To get it, you need to line your bird up, skate towards it, and Olli at the last second to pick up a shiny new deck.

Once you’ve unlocked a new skateboard, you can customize your bird in the customization menu. You’re also able to change the color of the wheels and change up the look of your bird while you’re at it. You’ll come across more boards as you unlock more skateparks, so complete more missions if you want to have more options.