How to unlock Pugnala Provola in Vampire Survivors

Become the stabber of cheese.

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In the bullet-hell Vampire Survivors, unlocking new characters typically involves finding secret areas, earning difficult achievements, and otherwise playing the game. One unique character, Pugnola Provola, players will need a little bit of luck, and a lot of strength, in order to add her to their rosters. Here’s how to unlock Pugnola Provola.

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Unlocking Pugnola Provola in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking Pugnola Provola requires a little bit of luck, and a lot of firepower, although she can also be unlocked using spells.

Pugnola Provola classic unlock

This character can be unlocked within the Mad Forest, by finding a dark brown coffin. Once the coffin is found, either by sheer luck or with an unlock, multiple enemies will spawn in a circle around the coffin. All spawned enemies must be defeated in order to unlock the coffin, and add this character to the unlockable list of the roster. After completing the challenge, players can then spend 1,000 gold to unlock the character permanently.

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It should be noted that finding the coffin is the easier part of the challenge: the enemies that spawn are added to the current wave/timer, and are difficult to crack without a few weapon combinations. If players have unlocked the map, look for a question mark to note the location of the coffin, but do not approach the coffin until you’re sure you have enough firepower to eliminate the threat.

Pugnola Provola spell unlock

In order to unlock this character using the spell system, also known as the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, a spell that references Bayonetta needs to be cast. The specific spell is ‘flymetothemoon’, a reference to a song used in the original game.

Who is Pugnola Provola?

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Pugnola Provola is an unlockable character in Vampire Survivors that closely resembles the action-RPG star Bayonetta. From a jazz-inspired soundtrack that mimics that of Bayonetta, to the spell ‘flymetothemoon,’ to Pugnola’s unique hairstyle, it’s safe to say that this character was at least inspired by Bayonetta.

Her name translates from Italian to ‘stab the provolone,’ although this character won’t let players cheese the difficult challenges of the title. She begins with two weapons: the Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow, making her one of the few characters that begins a run with more than a single weapon. Finally, she also gains 1% might for every level, with no cap. She’s definitely one of the strongest characters available within Vampire Survivors, with these buffs in mind.