How to unlock safehouses in Need for Speed Unbound

Need shelter?

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Safehouses are vital to the single-player campaign in Need for Speed Unbound. The name of these facilities is self-explanatory, as each provides shelter from cops that are looking to take you down. However, you won’t have access to safehouses upon starting up the campaign. So, how can you unlock safehouses in Need for Speed Unbound? Let’s take a look at what you will need to do.

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How to unlock safehouses in Need for Speed Unbound, and what they do

First, let’s briefly go over what a safehouse is in Need for Speed Unbound. A safehouse is a structure in which player can enter to simulate to the next part of the day, or the next day. When entering either Rydell’s garage or one of the safehouses located across Lakeshore City, you will be able to store any cash earned throughout that part of the day. This is very important for not losing any money to the police, which can happen should you have a lot of Heat.

All safehouse locations in Need for Speed Unbound

On the map below, safehouses are denoted with a white icon that has a house in it.

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Safehouses can be unlocked by means of playing through the single-player campaign. As you progress through, you will be tasked with completing certain missions. One such mission actually takes place during the prologue of Need for Speed Unbound.

These missions will entail the user to pick up fellow drivers. The objective of the mission is to drive that person to a safehouse, while avoiding being caught by the police. Complete it, and you will then unlock that safehouse.