How to unlock Splendorous Tools in Final Fantasy XIV

Start working on your crafting and gathering relic tools.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV is known for having some truly amazing content for all forms of gameplay. In Patch 6.35, Square Enix has added the first step on the path to creating Splendorous Tools for all of your Discipline of the Hand and Land jobs. These are essentially the Endwalker expansion’s version of crafting and gathering relic mainhands, and they continue to evolve over time. In order to start on your path toward creating Splendorous Tools, however, you will need to do a few things to unlock them first. Let’s break down the path to unlocking Splendorous Tools in Final Fantasy XIV.

All requirements to unlock Splendorous Tools in FFXIV

In order to start working on your Splendorous Tools, you will first need to have a Discipline of the Land or Hand at level 90. You must also have completed the entire narrative of the Endwalker expansion up to the Endwalker quest. These are the easiest of the steps.

Next, you must make sure that you have unlocked Crystarium Deliveries from the Shadowbringers expansion via completion of the quest The Crystalline Mean. This can be found in the Crystarium at coordinates (X:11.0, Y:8.5). Once this step is done, all you need to do now is head to Eulmore and speak with Mowen to unlock the Boutique of Splendors at coordinates (X:11.4, Y:10.7).

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Where to unlock Splendorous Tools in FFXIV

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Once you have met all of the prerequisites, you can now pick up the quest An Original Improvement from Chora-Zoi in the Crystarium at coordinates (X:7.8, Y:11.4). Here, you will reunite with Grenoldt from the Tempest zone in Noverandt, and also Mowen from Eulmore.

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The quest leads you back to the Crystalline Mean and quickly unlocks the Splendorous Tools exchange vendor at (X:10.4, Y:7.8) to start building your tools. Completing this quest also rewards an initial tool for the crafting or gathering job of your choice.