How to Unlock the Battle Breakers Kurohomura Skin in Fortnite


Epic Games is continuing to promote their new mobile RPG Battle Breakers in Fortnite. Since there’s no title that offers as much promotion opportunity as Fortnite, this makes perfect sense.

Battle Breakers is a turn-based RPG that has players build a team of heroes to take down opponents in an arena. Currently only available on mobile, the free-to-play title has received fair reviews so far.

When Battle Breakers first launched, we saw one of its characters, Razor, make an appearance in Fortnite. Epic offered Razor as a free hero in Save the World to anyone who reached level 20 in Battle Breakers.

Razor Fortnite

Now, Epic is doubling down on this promotion. Any players who reach level 50 in Battle Breakers will be awarded the Kurohomura hero in Save the World. However, it’s likely the skin will soon come to Fortnite battle royale as well.

We saw Razor come to Fortnite battle royale two weeks after it was promoted in Save the World. The skin arrived in the Item Shop with an uncommon rarity worth 800 V-Bucks. Chances are, Kurohomura will appear in the Item Shop for the same amount.

You can download Battle Breakers for free now in the iOS Store and on Epic’s homepage.