How to Get The Gold Pill Bottle in MW3 Zombies

The Gold Pills is one of the secret items you can find in Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies, and this guide shows you how to get them.

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After you complete the Act 4 mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, it’s time to hunt down several secret items hidden throughout the game. One of these items is the Gold Pills and the way you get it can be a little tricky.

You’ll need to make sure you have a certain weapon mod attached to your kit, and you’ll need to use it in a specific place. How you do it can be pretty tricky, but I will be able to help you out to make it much easier for you. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Gold Pills in MW3 Zombies.

Where to Get Gold Pills in MW3 Zombies

How to get Gold Pill Bottle in MW3 Zombies
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You will need the Brain Rot Weapon Mod on your weapon, and then take it to an Aether Nest to shoot one of the cysts. Hit it once, and then interact with it; this will drop the standard Pill Bottle on the ground.

After you have the epic Pill Bottle in your inventory, like the Gold Camera, you must go through an Aether Rift and fly into the air. While in the air, search around for a green rift, and then go through the rift. You’ll hear a little girl laughing at you, and then a Contract will fly to the ground, which you will need to accept and complete with your MW3 Zombies team.

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For my team, the bounty contract was pretty tedious and required my team to have some of the better weapons in the game. I made sure to come prepared to fight with a level three Pack-A-Punch weapon and several self-revives. It’s a much more difficult encounter than your standard Contract, so make sure to gather everyone up, and work together to overcome the foe. After you complete it, the Pill Bottle will become the Gold Pill Bottle, which means you’ll be ready to extract and place it into your main inventory.

It is important to note that these items will not begin dropping until you’ve completed the Act 4 mission. Here, you’ll need to make your way into the Aether Rift for the first time, complete the four shrines inside, and then fight against Gorm’gant, a new boss you can challenge in MW3 Zombies. Now, returning from the Aether Rift and watching the cutscene, you’ll be ready to go.