How to unlock the Money Heist outfit and mask in Watch Dogs: Legion Online

Go paperless.


Screenshot by Gamepur

This week Ubisoft surprised Watch Dogs: Legion fans by dropping a brand new co-op mission based on Netflix’s Money Heist series. Alongside this mission is some new gear for you to earn and adorn your Operatives while playing any of the game’s online modes. This guide covers how you can unlock that gear for yourself.

How to unlock the Money Heist outfit and mask

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the iconic red overalls and mustached mask, all you need to do is complete the new co-op mission Paperless. The mission doesn’t require communication on any player’s part, though it’s a little easier with voice chat. You can currently access the mission from the Watch Dogs: Legion Online menu, though it also pops up on the world map while you’re playing as one of the co-op missions you can pick up.

This mission has four main stages and two locations. First, you’ll be breaking into the Bank of England and defending Bagley while he hacks a server. Then, you need to get over to the Parcel Fox HQ building and hack the servers there before destroying them. Finally, after you’ve destroyed the servers, you’ll need to head to the roof and wait for everyone to join you. Once the timer counts down to zero, you’ll be awarded your new gear. You can head to any clothing store in London and swap these items at any time with any Operative.