How to unlock the Shel-Drone in Splatoon 3

The very talkative shopkeeper made a drone!

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In Splatoon 3, there is a very special unlockable you can get called the Shel-Drone. Named after Sheldon, who runs the weapons shop in Splatsville, this little robot will give you rewards while in Alterna. However, you’re going to have to unlock him, and doing so requires a lot of time and work on your end. The question is: how can you unlock the Shel-Drone in Splatoon 3? Let’s take a look.

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How to unlock the Shel-Drone in Splatoon 3, unlock requirements

To unlock the Shel-Drone, there are a couple of things you’re going to have to do first. First, you need to complete Splatoon 3’s Story Mode. The second requirement would be to explore 100% of Altera, which means unlocking every bit of the map, clearing the stages, and collecting the different items that are scattered about, which your Smallyfry will help point out to you while you explore.

To check how much you’ve surveyed in Alterna, you can access your map by hitting the + button. Any areas of the map that are blacked out are still covered in Fuzzy Ooze and you’re going to have to get rid of it with Power Eggs. The stages you’ve unlocked will be marked with either a green stamp or a gray one, meaning that you either cleared that stage or you didn’t respectively.

After doing that, go back to the first site where you started the campaign. There, the Shel-Drone will arrive next to the Squid Sisters’ Camp in the landing dock area where you used the weapon to get to the final boss.

What does the Shel-Drone do in Splatoon 3?

The Shel-Drone will search throughout Alterna for rare items if you give it 999 Power Eggs. The items it can get for you are:

You can collect whatever Shel-Drone finds in the lobby terminal. You can only use Shel-Drone once per day and after you send it off, Marie will tell you that you need to give it some time until it puts the items in the terminal.