How To Unlock Time Breaker Super Style Skins In Fortnite OG Season

Players are now able to unlock time-limited Time Breaker Super Style Skins for three main characters in Fortnite, but for a price.


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Epic Games has added three incredible Time Breaker Super Styles Skins for Fortnite OG Season that are golden and look stunning. The trouble is players must put in a tonne of work if they want to unlock them with the limited amount of time left this season.

The Fortnite OG Season Time Breaker Super Style Skins are some of the most exclusive and highly sought-after skins in the game. Peely’s golden skin envies their Agent Peely skin, which was the last golden skin this banana received. To unlock these elusive skins, players will need to put in the work and grind like they’ve never done so before in their favorite game.

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How to Unlock the Time Breaker Super Style Skins in Fortnite OG Season

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To unlock the Time Breaker Super Style Skins in Fortnite OG Season, players must complete the standard OG Season Battle Pass and unlock everything from it. Then, they need to earn more XP and Stars to unlock every item from the Bonus Battle Pass, which includes the three Time Breaker Super Style Skins.

The easiest way we’ve found to unlock additional Battle Pass tiers is by playing more Fortnite, completing every weekly quest possible, and looking for easy options to earn a lot of XP from the Fortnite Creative Mode maps. The Game Awards map is a great option for this while it’s live.

All Time Breaker Super Style Skins in Fortnite OG Season

There are three Time Breaker Super Style Skins in Fortnite OG Season. We’ve highlighted each of these in the table below so players can bask in the glory of the skins they might have missed out on.

We suspect these skins won’t come around again in Fortnite’s history for years. That’s why we’re putting in more effort than we’ve ever put into Fortnite before in order to get them and avoid the crippling sense of regret we still carry from missing out on past Battle Pass skins.

Fortnite Time Breaker Super Style SkinBonus Battle Pass Tier
Time Breaker Omegarok Skin
Bonus Level 10
Time Breaker Renegade Lynx Skin
Bonus Level 9
Time Breaker Lil Split Skin
Bonus Level 8