How To Vote For Fortnite Island Of The Year During Game Awards 2023

For the first time ever, players can vote on their favorite Fortnite island during the Game Awards 2023, but they’ll need to play to do so.


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It’s been announced that for the first time in Fortnite history, it’s possible for fans to jump into a dedicated map and vote on their favorite island for the Game Awards. The only problem is accessing the island and figuring out how to vote for the Fortnite Island of the Year.

For the Game Awards 2023, a special Fortnite Creator Mode has been built to host an awards show within Fortnite. Ten islands have been chosen that the development team believes showcase the best of UEFN to players, and they want fans to vote for which island is their favorite. Players have a limited time in which to vote, so they need to jump into the game and cast theirs quickly.

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How to Vote for Fortnite Island of the Year During Game Awards 2023

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To vote for Fortnite Island of the Year during the Game Awards 2023, players need to jump into the Game Awards map and cast their vote for one of the ten islands players can explore. Players will need to use the code 0853-1358-8532 to find the map while it’s not featured in-game.

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The Fortnite Game Awards map is live for players to vote in from November 14, 2023, to December 6, 2023. The winning island from all votes cast will be announced during the official The Game Awards show on December 7, 2023.

Is There a Geoff Keighley Skin in Fortnite

At the time of writing, we’ve not seen a Geoff Keighly skin in Fortnite. There’s a pre-recorded video of Keighley that plays when players enter the map, but this is live-action footage of the man himself. There seems to be a Geoff Keighley skin in the trailer for this Creator Mode map, though, so we’d expect to see it drop into the game closer to the actual event on December 7, 2023.

Why Explore the Game Awards in Fortnite

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The only reason to continue to explore the Game Awards in Fortnite after voting for the island of the year is to earn additional XP. There are 28 Game Awards Statues for players to collect in the Creator Mode, many of which are cleverly hidden away in puzzles around the map. We had a lot of fun picking these up, and the extra XP always helps picking up additional Battle Pass levels.