How to Use Presents in Fortnite


It’s another daily challenge in Fortnite. Winterfest is still going strong, and if you have already opened your daily Holiday Stocking, you will know that you need to use Presents in Fortnite as part of today’s challenge.

This challenge is not about the presents in the Winterfest Cabin. Instead, they want you to get into the game and use the presents that you can find there. While you are looting chests, you can come across a small wrapped package that you can pick up and place in your inventory. Selecting this present, and throwing it like a grenade, will cause the package to grow to the size of a room. If you throw it directly at your feet, it will form the room around you.

It will contain some loot, often of Legendary or even Mythic rarity, some supplies, and other goodies. You can then smash through the walls with your harvest tool. That’s it! All you need to do is use two presents, and this challenge will be complete.

Presents can be great in the middle of a fierce firefight, especially if you are surprised by another player. It is the quickest way to get a full room built around you, which might give you the time you need to gran a heal or a chug a shield potion.

To finish up this challenge, all you need to do is search chests until you find the presents, then use them twice, and you will get your next piece of free Winterfest loot.