How to visit all named locations in a single match – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Sight seeing.


One of the challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 11, the XP Xtravaganza, is to visit all named locations in a single match. This can seem quite daunting at first, but all you need to do is play smart, and dedicate a match to getting it done without distractions.

The first thing we would recommend is that you use a Choppa. Once you find yourself a Choppa, you will need to grab the closest locations to you, then start working your way around the coast until the Storm forms. The storm is what is really going to interrupt your efforts, so once it forms, make sure you grab eventhing that will be outside the storm circle.

After you have them all, make your way inside the Storm circle and start working on those. We’d advise a Choppa over a car simply because you can go in straight lines from place to place, saving time. We would also suggest you be on the lookout for other players, who will no doubt attempt to bring down any Choppa they see. It might not be much to take shots from a single player, but this challenge will take anywhere up to 7 or 8 minutes, so if you accumalate a lot of damage, you could end up losing the Choppa.

All named locations

If you are playing in Duos, you can split the map in half, while those playing in Squads could break it into quarters, with everyone trying to cover their own map section. The problem here is you will be leaving yourself at a disadvantage against any full squads that you run into over the course of the match. It is probably safer to jump in the same Choppa, then grab another one if you can, so you share incoming damage and can switch if one takes too much.