How to watch real-time replays in Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Learn how to replay your epic moves in real-time motions.

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Superhot: Mind Control Delete brings back the classic red guy busting combat that everyone loves about the series. As with the previous iterations of the game, time will only move as long as you move, so when standing still, everything moves in extreme slow motion. In the first game, after you complete a level’s combat-based puzzle, you can view a complete replay in real-time to see how badass you look in action.

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Once you complete a level, everything will slow down for good, and you will see a prompt to either press A with an Xbox One controller or X with a PlayStation 4 controller. Do not press this, or you will not have a chance to see your replay—instead, press Y on Xbox, or triangle PS4.

With this replay started, you will see how things would have looked if the world was not in slow motion. It mostly shows what action movie experience you just had, even though it did not feel like it.

Be sure to avoid pressing these buttons to watch replays before you complete the level. Instead of seeing the replay, you could make your character jump, speeding up the environment around you, and leaving you wide open to be killed by an enemy.