How to win as a Thief in Sweet Thieves mode in Fall Guys

Sneaky beans.

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Fall Guys’ wealth of unique game types is a lot of fun that should keep you paying attention to the daily rotation of game modes. One of the modes more unlike anything you will see in the normal show is Sweet Thieves, a Cops and Robbers-like game that mixes in stealth. Here is how you can win Sweet Thieves as a Thief in Fall Guys.

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How to win Sweet Thieves as a Thief in Fall Guys

When you are placed on the Thief side of Sweet Thieves in Fall Guys, you are supposed to sneak around the course and grab the Candies located in two parts of the map and return them to the Thief base. You have until the three-minute timer has expired or the Guardians have captured all members of your team to capture seven pieces of Candy.

Luckily, when you are stationary or moving slowly, you will be invisible as a Thief, but running will reveal you. If you hold down the left shoulder button, your bean will walk, making sure that opponents can not see you. However, all the Guardians need to do is grab you to put you in jail, so be sure to avoid them at all costs and running when you need to. There are plenty of obstacles around this course, so be sure to climb onto boxes or use the spring platforms to shoot you off in a random direction. When you land, you will be invisible again, so consider staying still until the opposition walks away.

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As your team begins getting caught by the Guardians, they will be placed in a jail cell that can only be opened after four Thieves are inside. The circular platform in the middle will have a button you can jump on to open it up momentarily. Be sure to avoid all Guardians in this area to access the button.

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Be sure to balance when to run and when to walk to avoid detection by the Guardians. Be sure to pick your moments alongside your team to grab Candies and when to release captured Thieves to come out on top.