How to win the Gotta Go Fast! show in Fall Guys

Super Sonic speed!

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys loves to include new time-limited modes for its various crossover events and just for the fun of it sometimes. With the return of Sonic the Hedgehog costumes and other items, a new level called Bean Hill Zone has been added to the game that is only available through the Gotta Go Fast! show. Here is how you can win that show, get another Crown to add to your collection, and get some rewards from the event.

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How to win the Sonic the Hedgehog event Gotta Go Fast! in Fall Guys

The Gotta Go Fast! show is a unique situation from other Fall Guys levels. Bean Hill Zone is themed around the iconic Green Hill Zone from the first Sonic game and has three layers to it. There are rings littered around the place that regularly pop back in. To advance, you need to be one of the first people to collect 20 rings in the first round, 35 in the second round, and the final round will end when someone grabs 50 rings.

The big thing to figure out right away when you start each round is to find your route and build up a good rhythm of speed. When you start, get out of the bottom floor as soon as possible by going up one of the hills or using one of the bounce springs. The second floor has speed gates all around it with tubes in the corner to take you to the top floor, where a moving platform will always have you moving and there are more obstacles.

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While the top floor has the most rings available, you should always remember to put yourself in a situation where no opponents are in front of you. While you can be going fast on any level, if someone is grabbing rings in front of you, you are getting nothing out of it and just wasting time. If someone is grabbing rings before you can get to them, make your way to the other floor and isolate yourself.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you can find a good rhythm on the top floor, definitely stay there. There are rings all over the place, and if you can jump up the moving platforms on the walls, you can potentially hit a big stockpile of rings. Also, the loop tube can give you quite a few rings as well. Get in your rhythm and you should find a way to at least get to the final round and grab the rings faster than others.