How to win with Cypher in Valorant – tips and strategies

I know exactly where you are!

Image via Riot Games

Coming from Morroco, Cypher is the ultimate information gathering agent in Valorant. A well-set-up Cypher can make any enemy agents fear entering the site that you are at. Even if they do, you can control their every move. Unlike other sentinels such as Chamber or Killjoy, Cypher is a very focused agent that requires a couple of extra steps to really master his kit. After training and doing some research on good setups, Cypher can change the way you play Valorant.

Master your site holds

Cypher can be a scary sight to play against if they have good site holds. As a Cypher player, you want to do everything you can to deter the enemy from coming to your site on defense. This means using your entire kit to stall them out, trap them, and spot them for your teammates. Throwing your Spycam up in a hidden place is always useful and allows you to communicate with your team about the enemy’s whereabouts at all times.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A general rule with Cypher is to make sure you have a Cage set up next to your Trapwires so you can easily and safely swing when the enemy gets trapped. Playing patiently on-site is essential as Cypher, so try not to rotate unless you know for sure that the attacker’s aren’t going to the site that you are set up on. Also, keep note of the sounds that your Cage makes when an enemy enters them as an agent might try to sneak through and catch you off guard.

Attacking is for lurking

It is easy to feel less useful on the attack while playing a sentinel such as Cypher. While it might not be as easy as playing defense, Cypher can be a huge asset on an attacking team as he should always be covering a flank. Wherever your team decides to push, be sure to use your Trapwires to stop the enemies from getting behind your team unnoticed.

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Another thing Cypher can do to attack is lurk. If your team decides to go start attacking a site, the enemy will try to flank and catch your team before they enter. This is where you come in. Try playing in weird corners and off-angles that nobody would ever expect, and be sure to use your utility to make the enemies panic. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to Cypher, so get out there and gather some information.