How to yeet an opponent in Fortnite: Battle Royale

When you really want to rub it in, you can yeet an opponent to their death in Fortnite.


Whether you are working on a challenge, or just having some fun, yeeting opponents in Fortnite is a lot of fun. Find yourself a fight, and a nice long drop, and you can send someone to their embarrassing end with style and flair. If you are trying to yeet an opponent for the Unfused mission, you might want to do a little bit of prep work first.

You can only yeet downed opponents, so you will only be able to do this in Duos or Squads. When you get into the match, land at a spot you feel will be busy and start gathering supplies. Search chests and ammo boxes so that you have something to help you win a gunfight, then start gathering materials. Wood, brick, or metal, whatever is available to build some ramps.

While you can yeet someone off the top of a building, it is much easier to have some supplies ready to build a ramp. Find a fight, and when you drop your enemy, make sure their friends are not around. Because Duos and Squads contain revives, your enemy won’t disappear. Quickly build five to six ramps, then walk up to the downed opponent. You will get an onscreen prompt to pick them up, so hit the relevant button.

Now, quickly run to the top of the ramp you built, and hit the fire button to yeet them off. When they hit the ground, they will take fall damage and die, and you will have completed this Unfused challenge. If you are playing with a friend, they can keep a lookout while you yeet someone, then you can return the favor when they need to do it.