How Weapon Stats work in Warhammer 40k: Darktide

Get the details on how stats work in the grim dark future.

Image via Fatshark

Warhammer 40,000k: Darktide encourages players to create unique builds and playstyles for their characters, so they can take the fight to the heretic in their own style. The game features a plethora of stats to help players fine-tune their character, but it’s currently not clear what each does or represents. In this guide, we’ll give you a brief breakdown of what each stat does so you can focus on crafting your perfect chaos-killing character.

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Every weapon stat in Warhammer 40k: Darktide

Each weapon stat affects how melee and ranged weapons work, and each will have different stat values, as well as different types of stats depending on your class and what weapon you are using. There are a lot of stats to deal with in Warhammer 40k: Darktide and the game isn’t very clear about what each stat is or does. There are 19 different stats in total, and we have listed them out with details on each one to make finding the right weapon for you that little bit easier.

  • Damage – Overall damage output of your weapon
  • Finesse – Headshot and weak point damage multiplier
  • Mobility – Affects dodging, weapon movement, ADS speed, sprint speed
  • Defenses – Affects stamina used when blocking attacks
  • Penetration – Damage dealt to armored targets
  • Stopping Power – Affects the amount a target is staggered by attacks
  • Stability – Amount of recoil and sway whilst aiming down sight
  • Collateral – Penetration for certain ranged weapons
  • Ammo – Total ammo the weapon can have
  • Reload Speed – How fast the weapon can be reloaded
  • Burn – Amount of fire damage the weapon does over time
  • Cloud Radius – Size of the flame weapons spread
  • First Target – Damage done to the first target in a melee attack
  • Cleave Target – How many enemies a melee attack will pass through
  • Cleave Damage – Damage dealt to enemies after the first enemy in a melee attack
  • Crowd Control – Ability to stagger enemies in an attack (Shield weapons only)
  • Shredder – Peneretation with chain weapons (chainaxe, chainsword, etc)
  • Critical Bonus – Bonus to critical damage
  • Blast Radius – Affects the size of certain weapons’ area of effect
  • Charge Speed – Speed that your staff will recharge (Psyker only)
  • Quell Speed – The speed that Perils of the Warp cool down (Psyker only)
  • Warp Resistance – Reduces peril generated when using staff and ability (Psyker only)

At the time of writing, the stats aren’t perfect, and the game’s current presentation of stat bars isn’t doing the game or players any favors. However, changes could be made in future updates as the developer, Fatshark, takes on feedback from the community.