How will shiny Dittos work in the Kanto Tour for Pokémon Go?

It’s the talk of the Kanto Tour.

Image via Niantic

The Kanto Tour event in Pokémon Go will feature players capturing all 150 Pokémon that originally came from the Kanto region. This is the first region players explored when they played and explored Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. The event has it so every Pokémon from that area will unlock their shiny version, and the big talk of the town has Ditto’s shiny version. Several players are speculating on how that is going to work, too.

The process of catching a Ditto is slightly different than other Pokémon. The process is when players capture a Pokémon that Ditto can mimic, they discover it’s a Ditto after successfully catching it. The screen zooms in on the Poké Ball, and a small notification of an ‘oh?’ appears above it. Players then find out the Pokémon was a Ditto, and they receive that in their Pokémon collection.

There’s speculation on capturing a shiny Ditto will work during the Kanto Tour and moving forward in Pokémon Go. With rising speculation, the Niantic team settled on how the shiny ditto will work for the Kanto Tour. It looks like it’s going to be in a featured research task that everyone can receive, and you’ll need to complete it in an allotted time to receive the shiny Ditto at the end. You won’t have to guess if a shiny Pokémon you’re battling is in disguise, or if there’s a particular series of Pokémon it’s hiding as. All you have to do during the Kanto Tour, beyond buying the ticket, is to make sure you finish the special research story.

After you complete this Special Research, it unlocks the Masterwork research, which rewards players with a shiny Mew encounter.