Is BitLife suitable for kids?

Should you let the younguns play it?


Image via Candywriter LLC

BitLifeĀ is a top-rated mobile game that is available on both Android and iOS phones. InĀ BitLife, you can live through a virtual life, making choices about where to go to school, college, the jobs you should work, how you interact with other people, from the day you are born until the day you die. Games can be quite short, and it is possible to play through multiple virtual lives in an hour if you wish.

What age rating does BitLife have?

BitLife is rated for 16 years and older.

What kind of themes are in the game?

While largely built to be unserious and often funny, the game can deal a lot with more adult themes. You can get in fights and go to jail, or you can do drugs. There are also sexual themes around your social life and some jobs. These are all things that people might decide are not suitable for younger children.

Does it have violent imagery?

BitLife is mostly text-based. There are some small icons in the game, but mostly the player progresses by reading through what has happened and then making choices based on that. While you can do something like getting in a fight at school, there are no images shown, and instead, you pick the option of what you want to do, such as hit the person or ignore them.

So, BitLife does have some adult themes that parents may not want to expose their young children to, and this should be taking into account if you are trying to decide if your child should play the game or not.