Which Destiny 2 characters are coming to Fortnite? Answered

Gather a fireteam to board the Battle Bus.

Ikrora, Zavala, and Exo Stranger in Fortnite

Image via Bungie and Epic Games

Fortnite has hosted quite a few collaborations in Chapter 3 Season 3, with Star Wars’ Darth Vader and Dragon Ball Super’s main cast headlining the season. Now, it looks like three Destiny 2 characters will be joining the game’s expansive, cross-brand roster. But which Destiny 2 characters will be boarding the Battle Bus?

Destiny 2 characters coming to Fortnite

As announced during Bungie’s Destiny 2 showcase, Exo Stranger, Zavala, and Ikora will be the Destiny 2 characters joining Fortnite. These characters will join the game’s roster on August 23 to accompany Destiny 2’s launch on the Epic Games Store. Each character will also include their own unique glider, pickaxe, and back bling.

Fortnite won’t be the only Epic-owned title receiving Destiny 2 cosmetics. Fall Guys will also receive some Destiny-inspired skins. On Bungie’s side of things, Destiny 2 itself will receive a few skins modeled after some original Fortnite characters, specifically the Black Knight, Catalyst, and Omega.

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At the time of writing, Fortnite is hosting a massive Dragon Ball Super collaboration featuring skins, cosmetics, and quests all inspired by the Dragon Ball franchise. In addition, Epic just announced a collaboration with all-star NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and also appears to be teasing a collaboration with The Lord of The Rings.

As for Destiny 2, Bungie pulled back the curtain on both the Season of Plunder, as well as next year’s Lightfall expansion, which will take players to the planet Neptune, during its recent Destiny 2 showcase.