Is Fall Guys down? How to check the server status

The place to go if you’re experiencing problems.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image via Steam

When Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was announced at E3 in 2019 by Devolver Digital, it’s fair to say that developer Mediatonic could not have predicted in their wildest dreams the amount of hype and love that the game was going to receive. With plenty of gameplay footage, and extensive closed beta for eager players to try the game, and a social media team who have been excellent in communications with everyone, the goodwill is strong, and this has to lead to a strong build-up to release. 

As a result, the game has been very popular since its release, and that means that there’s more strain on the servers for players. This has led to some issues with matchmaking and server lag, resulting in the need to take down the matchmaking servers for fixing. With no in-game prompt to tell players of these instances of downtime, it’s not always easy to see what the status of the game is.

How to check Fall Guys server status?

However, Mediatonic does have a place where they are updating with any issues regarding the status of the Fall Guys servers when it looks like you’re unable to find a show to play in the matchmaking stage.

The team has set up a Twitter page specifically for any and all server and technical problems with the game. You can find it under ‘Fall Guys Server Owl.’ In keeping with the rest of their communications, it’s light-hearted in tone but provides all the information needed to ensure that you’re not queuing for nothing. 

The main Fall Guys Twitter may also be a good source for any more serious issues and updates to the game, so we recommend following both accounts for the best information on downtime with the game.