Is Fall Guys down? How to check the server status

The place to go if you’re experiencing problems.

How to play Fall Guys on Mac

Image via Epic Games

Fall Guys is a multiplayer game where you’ll compete against other players to try and make it to the end of the show. Not everyone can make it to the end, but those who do win the crown. However, you will need to get into the game before you can worry about winning, and some users might encounter issues with the Fall Guys servers when launching the game. Here’s what you need to know about the Fall Guys servers and how to check the server status.

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How to check Fall Guys server status

The main Fall Guys Twitter account is the best source for any serious issues and updates to the game, so we recommend following this account for the latest information on downtime. Previously, there had been an entire page called Fall Guys Owl Status, where the page would update with any problems happening with the service, and it was done entirely in the spirit of the game. However, that Twitter account has not been used since 2020, and the main Fall Guys Twitter is regularly updated, making it the best source.

You can also verify any problems with the Fall Guys servers using the Downdetector online page, giving you an idea of how many other players are also experiencing these problems.

When it’s the Fall Guys developers having server issues, it’s better to take a step back from the game and return to it later. It’s more satisfying to try and play the game when the servers are working correctly than to continue to wait in the main menu with your friends, continuing to struggle to connect.