Is Final Fantasy XVI an open-world game? Answered

Producer Naoki Yoshida reveals everything.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XVI was first announced in 2020 and has become one of the most highly anticipated RPGs currently in development. Since its announcement, one question that has been on everyone’s mind is if FFXVI will be an open-world game? The previous numbered entry in the series Final Fantasy XV had an expansive overworld, but it wasn’t a true open-world game as seen in other AAA titles like Red Dead Redemption. So will Final Fantasy XVI expand on what FFXV set up and go full open-world?

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Is Final Fantasy XVI an open-world game?

Naoki Yoshida is a video game veteran who serves as a producer on Final Fantasy XIV and FFXVI, the former of which he also serves as director. Yoshida recently conducted a series of interviews with multiple video game publications, discussing the state of Final Fantasy XVI and what fans can expect from the game. Yoshida reveals in an interview with IGN that Final Fantasy XVI will not be an open-world game. Instead, Yoshida feels that a single open-world space will limit the developers and that the game will focus more on “independent area-based game design” to give players a better feel of the global scale of the title.

What is new in Final Fantasy XVI?

Yoshida brings up how each title in the mainline Final Fantasy games offers something different, with each number entry being unlike the previous one. Final Fantasy XVI will have a primary playable protagonist with Clive, and he is capable of harnessing the different powers of Eikons during normal melee fights. AI companions will join Clive, similar to how Noctis’ allies worked in Final Fantasy XV. There will be multiple Eiko versus Eikon fights that players can take part in, and each fight is different.

When will Final Fantasy XVI release?

Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled to release sometime in the summer of 2023 as a PlayStation 5 launch exclusive, though it is likely that the game will end up on PC at some point down the line. Some recent Final Fantasy titles were released on different hardware after initially launching as PlayStation exclusives. The Final Fantasy VII Remake launched as a PlayStation exclusive but is now available on the Epic Games Store.