New Final Fantasy XVI trailer is ready to debut, game is nearly done, says producer

Some time is still needed for polish, though.

Image via Square Enix

All signs are pointing to big Final Fantasy XVI news soon. We knew that the next big reveal was planned for this spring and that the game was in its “final stage” of development. Producer Naoki Yoshida has since reaffirmed that, stating that a new trailer is ready to go.

Yoshida spoke about the trailer during a Final Fantasy XIV x Nier Reincarnation livestream. Streamer @aitaikimochi, aka Audrey, provided a summary and translations of Yoshida’s statements on Twitter. First, the next trailer is finished, but it was delayed due to “certain factors.” It’s coming “soon,” though.

The game itself is “pretty much complete” too, and the team is largely focused on finishing touches right now. Audrey provided a direct translation of Yoshida’s statement later in the thread: “The game is greatly coming together. However, I’d like for the dev team to spend more time on [polishing it] further.” Based on Yoshida’s tone and list of outstanding tasks for the studio, Audrey believes the game to be about 80% complete.

The question now is, where could this new Final Fantasy XVI trailer debut? The easy answer is Summer Game Fest, which was just confirmed for a June 9 air date. Square Enix was part of the showcase in the past, so there’s precedent. That said, Square is large enough to premiere the trailer on its own terms — even if the company is selling off its western studios.