Is Garchomp good in Pokémon Go?

How much will you rely on this Dragon-type Pokémon?

Image via Niantic

Because there are so many Pokémon for you to consider when creating a Pokémon Go team, the options are overwhelming. When you reach the higher ranks in the game, you start to notice a few trends and best complement one another. Garchomp is a Pokémon you’re going to see in plenty of teams regularly, and it’s understandable why you would. It’s potent and can battle against many of the legendary Pokémon that are normally hard to acquire. But what makes Garchomp a good choice?

Garchomp is a Dragon and Ground-type Pokémon. It will be against Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-type moves, but it is resistant to Electric, Fire, Poison, and Rock-type attacks.

When you use Garchomp in PvP, it has a maximum CP of 3,962, an attack of 218, a defense of 164, and a stamina of 200. When you use it in PvE raids, it has an attack of 261, a defense of 193, and a stamina of 239. Because of its higher CP, you don’t want to use it in the Great or Ultra. You primarily want to use Garchomp in the Master League, which can be a little bit intimidating, but it’s a fierce competitor.

Garchomp is capable of beating Melmetal, Giratina (Origin), Ho-Oh, Snorlax, Mewtwo, Swampert, Zapdos, Metagross, Dragonite, and so many others that are among the highest rankings of the Master League meta. You have to be careful to make sure it doesn’t face Lugia, Palkia, Togekiss, Gyarados, Mamoswine, Gallade, or Gardevoir. You want to build a team that’s capable of protecting against these weaknesses.

When it comes to the raids, Garchomp is capable of being used in a variety of battles. It will become instrumental in capturing some of the harder-to-beat legendary Pokémon, allowing you to expand your collection.

Garchomp is a good Pokémon because of its stats and its superior moveset. It can generate quite a bit of energy from its fast move, and the charge moves it can learn do a good amount of damage. You’ll regularly use it in the Master League and whenever your friends invite you to a five-star raid.

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