Is Sons of the Forest coming to PS4 and PS5? Answered

Will it be coming to PlayStation?

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Since its release, Sons of the Forest has taken the gaming world by storm. Casual players and horror fiends alike have been enjoying this brand-new indie survival horror adventure on their PC, but console players have, so far, been left out in the cold. So, the question is: will Endnight Games be porting Sons of the Forest to PS4 and PS5?

Will Sons of the Forest come to PlayStation consoles?

Right now, it’s a bit too soon to say. The PC version of Sons of the Forest is still in Early Access, with the full version of the game projected to go live in 6 to 8 months’ time. This is the same process that Endnight Games practiced for the game’s predecessor, The Forest — which received an eventual PlayStation port. Assuming that Endnight Games will be following a similar rollout for their newest horror adventure, it looks like they’ll have their sights set on perfecting the PC version of the game before making any moves toward a PlayStation port. With that being said, it’s unlikely that fans will receive any announcements of console ports until the full PC version is released.

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In the midst of conversation surrounding Sons of the Forest on Twitter, some fans have expressed frustration due to the lack of confirmation regarding a PlayStation announcement. With the game’s PC debut already having been delayed multiple times due to the studio’s deadlines being overly ambitious, it’s understandable that those who have been patiently waiting for the game’s release are antsy to experience the indie horror in console form.

However, PlayStation fans shouldn’t get too discouraged just yet. In a recent interview, Endnight Games has expressed interest in porting Sons of the Forest sometime in the future — but only after ironing out all possible kinks that come with the PC version. So far, it seems like the developers have been receptive to player feedback, especially in the crucial Early Access stage. If Endnight Games decides to follow its previous release pattern — and continues to follow the demands of its player base — we may see a PlayStation port for Sons of the Forest by the end of 2023.