Is Valheim on Xbox Game Pass? Answered

Valheim will be Xbox console exclusive, but will it be available on Xbox Game Pass?

Image via Iron Gate

Valheim is a fun survival and sandbox indie title launched onto early access in February 2021, but only on limited platforms. Many fans want the game to be available on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass so they can play the title on their Xbox console alongside their friends. The Game Pass is a subscription service where subscribers can play an extensive library of games for free as long as they’re paying for the service. Many independent games end up on Game Pass, yet is Valheim one of them?

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When is Valheim coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Image via Iron Gate AB

Valheim Early Access launch was only available for Windows PC via Steam. However, developer Iron Gate Studio clarified that the game will launch on other platforms, including Xbox, with a vague spring 2023 release date. Iron Gate has now announced that the Valheim will be an Xbox console exclusive and will be arriving in March 2023 on the Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Valheim will support crossplay, meaning players can play the game together on different platforms. For example, a player with the game on the Xbox Game Pass can play with their friend who has the game on Steam. Valheim has had a successful early access period, having sold over 10 million copies by April 2022. The game has been praised for its gameplay variety and for being very polished for an early-access game.

Iron Gate has continued updating the game post-early access launch, adding new biomes for fans to explore, like the Ashlands and the Mistlands. The studio also plans to make Valheim more accessible in future updates to get more players to try out the game.