Climb Mother Base With Boy (Chris) Walkthrough – Metal Gear Survive Chapter 14/15


In Chapter 12/13 after charging up the wormhole digger to fullest, once again you have to activate to generate a Wormhole to get back to home. But before doing that AI Virgil will tell you to look through the Base Camp and make its defenses more strong. Once the Digger is activated it will take some time to stabilize and that is the time when the wave of enemies will attack you. So go towards the Construction Terminal and set up a good amount of defenses. After you are done defending the digger, it will create a Wormhole that can send you home, your next objective is to escape Dite through that.

Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough

Climb Mother Base With Boy (Chris) Walkthrough

Start The Wormhole Digger

Dismantle the rubbles first from the base area, to get more place to plant fences. By dismantling you will get some items you can later use in crafting. Clear all the rubbles first, this is the first objective where you will have to expand your Base Camp. After you extended your borders, at the edges and building up required things you are ready for the battle.

Metal Gear Survive WalkthroughMetal Gear Survive Walkthrough

Next, before you begin, once again you can simply plan your defense strategy. Heal yourself and fill up your inventories. Check out all the gear and weapon workbenches. Once you are ready activate the Digger. Through new recipes found you can get powerful weapons. Also, go through the Class and Skill and use your Skill Points for new powerful skill or you can enhance your existing ones. Once you are ready to start the digger.

Defend the digger until the Wormhole stabilizes

After the cutscene ends, you will have to defend the base camp. On the Mini-map you can see the enemies coming all the way towards you, try attacking those first you are near the fences. You will have to defend the base for 6:29 minutes. So this will be a long mission where you have to keep fighting the Wanderers. After the long fight, the blast from digger will destroy all the enemies around. This completes the Chapter 14. Gruen enters the pictures and says about Black Box in AI Virgil. Gruen will force to increase diggers output, and that happens.

Climb Mother Base with the Boy

Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough

In the next cut scene, you will see Lord of the Dust attacks the base, run towards the top of Mother Base. Follow the yellow marker, and stay away from the edges. Unfortunately, things won’t work well, and after getting attack your struggle towards the base begins. Pickup Chris and take the stairs on your right. Go up and turn left, and wait for a while if the creature waves one of its hand. With one blow you can die. Always watch for the coming hand. After the cutscene, keep running ahead, AI Virgil will warn you for attacks that is the time you have to stop a bit.

Finally, after reaching the top, there will be another cutscene. This is the end of Chapter 15. Somehow the captain was able to make safely through the Wormhole. But things will not go fine, after getting attacked by Lord of the Dust, you will land back into a separate base camp with a new mission that will Conclude in Chapter 16 Walkthrough. You can also read our Metal Gear Survive Wiki Guide for more updates and info on the game.​